Howdy and welcome to our lovely page!
We proud ourselves of never updating it and still our records sell ok.

01/05/09: hey hey theres lots of new stuff to talk about. First of all we're proud to announce a new serie of release under the name GONNAPUKE RETRO'. This sub-label is gonna focus on reissuing good old and obscure hardcore punk from the 80's and such.

First in the works is IMPACT - Solo Odio Lp. What can I say? this is a total masterpiece in the global histroy of hardcore and I'm really grateful to Janz and the guys for letting me put that out again. There's a bunch of cool shit in the works too, but you never know so I'd better keep my mouth shut, but any update I have, i'll post it here (ah ah).

Under the regular glorious GONNAPUKE label we have just new THE QUEERS - love songs for the retarded LP in a limited edition of 500 copies ready for their upcoming Spanish/Italian tour. Unlike recent reissues of this undisputed punk classic of all time (CD is still available on Asian Man, and vinyl on Recess), this is a perfect repro of the Lookout records original arttwork, and it's sooo nice and neat.

Both this new releases are available thru my store website or you can email me and arrange a paypal payment or whatever. If you're ever in rome please stop by the store and check our gonnapuke my space page (link above) to check if anything cool is happening in town.  Thanks for your time, see ya, M.

**OUT NOW!!! ***

Mayo & The Manges "Wake up Screaming" 7" (lim 333) -- gpk031
Italian punk rock pride team up with LACRISI singer Mayo for an original cut and a HARD ONS cover.


Margaret Doll Rods "Scintillating" LP/CD -- gpk029
The legendary founder and leader of the always rockin , sometimes nudist garage band the Demolition Doll Rods releases her second solo record of intimate bluesey, garage nuggets. Sweet, deep, romantic and still tough as nails, Margaret really shines on this record. Keep rockin Margaret!!!

Cokerocket “Give it all up” 7” -- gpk028
Current and ex members from the Felt Ups, Intellectuals, Anti you and Black Circus Tarantula doing the wavish punk thing. 3 exclusive tracks: think of the SPITS, Operation S, Headache City. 350 copies only handnumbered edition on PINK vinyl!

V/A "Goot from the Boot" LP -- gpk027
Long awaited fully licensed vinyl reissue for this seminal and groundbreaking 1984 compilation of Italian hardcore, punk and new wave. Originally the first release on the legendary SPITTLE records, the label that better represented both the extreme Hardcore and Punk feel and the more “artsy” side of Italian mid 80’s underground music scene, it features lost gems from CANI, PUTRID FEVER, JUGGERNAUT, GREY SHADOW, NOISENOISENOISE, FUNNY FASHION, MIND. An essential piece of Italian music history and a must for any “killed by death” fan!